For millions of students, teachers, and parents, homework is a part of their everyday routine. This is a basic assignment a student should complete at home. It is even difficult to imagine that there was a time when students had no homework assigned. Home assignment is a standard form of home learning. The history of the school’s top assignment brings us to the one person who had invented homework.

The first person to introduce the homework to its students was really enthusiastic about its results. Since then, this particular type of home education has become an essential tool of every education system. You can learn more about who has invented homework and what purposes it had initially in this article.

Besides, you will learn a short history of the homework in the United States as well. It will give you a chance to compare the character of homework at the time of its invention and these days. Besides, you will be able to learn more about the importance of home learning for students’ personal development.

The Origins of Homework – Facts and Myths

If you tend to learn who invented homework, you should look at the bigger picture. Sure, no one knows who was the first person to figure out assigning homework to school students. Still, we can name a few facts about the first known personality to offer to assign homework. Let’s learn about the biggest influencers who change the lives of millions of students in the world.

Roberto Nevelis of Venice is named the first person to invent homework. The Italian teacher is reported to assign the first homework in 1905. He remains the most known figure to present homework as the basic home assignment for students. At the same time, another Italian, or rather a citizen of ancient Rome, Pliny the Younger, is named the forefather of the homework.

He has invented the schoolwork assignment to let his followers participate in more in-doors activities. With his invention, he had managed to improve the speaking skills of his followers greatly. It is said, the results of the first homework were quite impressive.

They led the teachers to understand how effective this particular study approach was. Nowadays, homework is quite a typical assignment for every student in different countries of the world. Many centuries ago, the teachers were only learning how to use the advantages of homework assignments for their students’ development. While nowadays, it brings lots of benefits for both tutors and students.

Further Development of Homework Assignments

The educational system in the 19th century differed greatly from the modern one. Today, students are well-aware that the word “school” is almost a synonym for “homework”. Students have already used to struggle with a bunch of various school assignments given every day by their tutors. The 19th-century schools were simply learning all the benefits the homework could bring both students and teachers.

The tutors have come with a clear understanding that homework assignments allowed students to develop their skills and knowledge. Besides, it was great training for every student. With time, once checking the schoolwork accomplishment, teachers were testing whether a student was paying any time to his education at home or not. A home task’s fulfillment was a great mark showing the student’s interest in his own education.

For the first decades, homework was invented; it was only a form of independent student work. Further, it has become an obligatory form of out-of-school work. In the 19th century, homework was a great revelation and demonstration of the student’s ability or lack of ability to learn independently.

Homework is an exceptional form of education. If it was initially used to help students repeat the learned material, these days, it remains a vital element of every school study program. It brings students the need to study more, memorize the material better, and develop lots of important skills. It includes independence, creativity, time-planning skills, and individuality.

Requirements for Homework – Original Purpose

The basic purpose of homework was to teach students to learn self-sufficiently. Moreover, home tasks helped improve students’ academic knowledge and numerous skills. They allowed students to develop into experienced learners who can study independently and plan personal study hours. Once repeating school material at home, students were improving their skills significantly.

From the very beginning, the homework was supposed to meet the next criteria:

  • remain achievable and understandable;
  • be not too complicated or challenging;
  • be assigned after students have learned the material;
  • be assigned after students used to learn independently.

The study process at all the centuries greatly benefited from the implementation of homework. Students have got an opportunity to improve their knowledge and various skills by repeating the learned material and tasks. Modern tutors understand the importance of home learning for students. They use home exercises as one of the most effective tools of learning.

It is more than a simple repeating of the learned material. It is rather the way to develop and practice effective learning activities. Initially, according to its inventor, the main purpose of home exercises was to develop students’ independence, resourcefulness, creative imagination, and individuality. These days, the home projects have kept all the mentioned purposes and even added a few more.

The Importance of Home Learning for Students

Home learning is a very important part of a student’s everyday activities. It offers benefits for both students and teachers. Besides, home education is determined by many important factors:

  • during the study hours at school, students learn new material. Once leaving a class, they most certainly forget the material. Home learning allows repeating the learned material. Thus, it prevents the possible forgetting of the material;
  • learning and understanding complex scientific concepts require constant repeating to comprehend the material;
  • the material can be learned properly and assimilated once the process of learning is followed by memorizing the knowledge;
  • home learning is crucial for developing student’s creative abilities and other talents;
  • the effectiveness of home learning defines the success of the teaching process in general.

The importance of homework was defined from the very first day of its invention. The process of education is often quite difficult for most students. The home preparation allows improving the educational process greatly. Thus, it allows students to study independently. By studying at home, students can format more useful skills and increase the effectiveness of material memorization.

The Current Main Purpose of Homework

These days, homework is an effective instrument of home learning. It helps master and memorize the studied material. Besides, it improves the quality of students’ knowledge significantly.

The inventor of homework, Roberto Nevilis, has defined the purpose of the homework as the following:

  • it allows working without hurriedness;
  • it allows studying without outside appraisal;
  • helps to choose the optimal personal rhythm of work activity;
  • helps to learn how to plan the work independently;
  • brings the ability to find and check all the necessary sources of information.

These days, home assignment still has the same purposes. Besides, there are some additional ones. The main difference between the home exercises in the times of Roberto Nevilis and the up-to-date homework is its character. Modern homework is obligatory when previously it was voluntary.

Today the academic home assignment has the following value:

  • helps to memorize previously learned material;
  • expands student’s skills needed for independent study;
  • assures a proper material understanding and memorizing.

The Importance of Home Tasks These Days

From the very day of its invention to the current day, the significance of homework is undeniable. The modern purpose of the homework includes all the previous and up-to-date determinations:

  • it helps to develop an ability to learn independently for a child;
  • it shows that students have their personal responsibilities;
  • helps to master various skills and get used to different study approaches;
  • create the ability to analyze numerous sources of information;
  • helps to develop research skills like hypothesis construction, assumption, comparison, etc.

Every teacher must come up with a suitable system of home assignments. It depends on the type of school (preliminary, high, etc.). Besides, it also depends on the needs of the students. Thus, numerous factors define how the homework task must be assigned.

With modern tools and software solutions, students can easily learn their home tasks online. They can also learn the material at numerous online educational platforms. Additionally, they can take different tests online as well. Modern tutors should be able to combine all the available study tools and homework variations to come up with the most effective homework assignments’ system.

Why to Complete Your Homework Assignments

These days, all the homework assignments are obligatory. Students get grades for every fulfilled assignment. Thus, it greatly influences a student’s final study ratings. Besides, there can be lots of types of home tasks assigned. Tutors often assign written assignments, oral exercises, creative works, reports, research works, and other study projects.

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