A strong conclusion is an essential part of every academic paper. When you write an article or essay, you deal with three basic paper parts. The final part is a conclusion. When you have an entire paper prepared, you need to pay attention to the final sentences. The conclusion should summarize the entire article.

There is no way you can provide some useless summary, though. It must be a paragraph with the most important points outlined. You should not simply recall the story in the conclusions. This is a closure part that often includes a call to action. Often, a closing paragraph should include some persuasive element.

No matter its purpose, you should learn how to write conclusions properly in advance. You must be well-aware of the best conclusion starters to use in your paper. Besides, it is great to come up with lots of ideas to complete your article properly. There is no way to evaluate the importance of a good closing part. This is your final word. Thus it must be strong and finalizing. Probably, it will be the last part of the text read by the reader. Thus, it will be the last he remembers about your article. Pay enough time and effort to prepare a strong conclusion.

How to Prepare a Decent Conclusion Paragraph

The conclusion starters you use in your paper depend on the type of project you prepare. When you deal with an analytical paper, the closing sentences must reveal the analytical type of findings and recommendations. When you write a narrative essay, you can focus on some basic conclusion starters. Before proceeding with conclusion starters, every writer should figure out how to prepare the best finishing paragraph. There are some key points to follow to prepare a decent conclusion paragraph:

  • do not summarize the entire information in the body paragraphs;
  • avoid paying attention to minor points in your paper;
  • do not add any new information into conclusions;
  • outline only the most important concepts and ideas;
  • start your conclusion with conclusion starters;
  • use provocative sentences if needed in your conclusions to emphasize the main point;
  • prepare an outline of a conclusion paragraph.

The outline is basically a writing plan for your conclusion part. It helps to prepare the final part of your article properly.

The outline of a conclusion paragraph always includes:

  • conclusion sentence starters. Every strong conclusion paragraph is started with a sentence starter. It must be a particular sentence that reveals that this particular part of the article brings closure;
  • summary of the most important points;
  • closing sentence.

Preparing Good Conclusion Starters for Your Paper

Dealing with a closing part, pay attention to the starting sentences. This is the basic rule for all writers. The so-called conclusion starters are aimed at focusing readers’ attention on the conclusion like a finalizing part of your article. The starters bring an atmosphere of closure. It gives the reader a chance to pay double attention to the final paragraph. There is no need to use some complex phrases. It is enough simple starter words to make a point.

Sure, the type of conclusion starters you use depends on the type of writings you complete. At the same time, for different types of essays, the conclusion starters are almost the same. Thus, descriptive, argumentative, compare and contrast, and narrative essays have quite simple starters. The complex analysis and research papers require more result-focused starter points.

Every good closing paragraph starts with a conclusion starter sentence. Besides, you may need to check and learn first the various types of starters to be prepared for your conclusions’ writing. Use the most suitable starters for your paper. Be ready to check the conclusions a few times to assure a strong final paragraph.

Good Conclusion Starters for Experienced Writers

When preparing decent closing sentences at the beginning of the conclusion paragraph, make sure to check the following details:

  • the starters must provide a proper overview of the paper;
  • they should highlight the strengths of your arguments;
  • it should outline the strength and relevance of the evidence that support arguments;
  • it persuades readers to leave feedback and comments.

When you manage your personal blog, every properly written finishing part can bring you more followers. If you can influence them with your writings, you can gain a huge base of subscribers eventually. Do not allow yourself to end your article with a weak ending. It is practically the worst scenario for your blog. Without proper conclusions, you won’t be able to gain a great base of followers or impress them with your writings.

How to Start a Conclusion Paragraph Properly

For many students, finishing sentences remains quite a common part of an article. Still, students often fail to start conclusions with proper sentences. Mostly, they do not see any importance in the proper end part’s structure. It is quite a wrong point of view. The advantages you gain once offering correct starters are already mentioned above. Besides, you always improve your writing style once learning how to provide proper starters.

When you deal with the final part of your paper, be ready to proofread the material a few times. You may need to come up with some interesting starting sentences. Experienced writers recommend including some provocative sentences into the conclusions if they can highlight the importance of your findings and research results. There are many useful tips for writers. It includes using quotes, provocative questions, a call to action, or warning in your conclusions.

Excellent Conclusion Starters for Papers

Learn the best finishing sentence starters you can use for your academic papers, articles, or research works. Pay attention to the type of assignment you complete. Certain starters are more suitable for different paper types.

Good Conclusion Starters for High School

  • Above all;
  • All in all;
  • All things considered;
  • As a final point;
  • As a result;
  • As I see it;
  • As shown above;
  • As stated above;
  • Based on the discussion above;
  • Consequently;
  • Cutting a long story short;
  • Eventually;
  • Finally;
  • For the most part;
  • Fundamentally;
  • Generally;
  • Given these points;
  • I determine that;
  • In a nutshell;
  • In a word;
  • In brief;
  • Enclosure;
  • In conclusion;
  • In short;
  • Therefore;
  • To finish with;
  • To put it briefly;
  • To sum it all up;
  • To summarize;
  • Totally;
  • Ultimately;
  • With assurance.

Suitable Conclusion Starters for College Papers

  • After all, results clarified;
  • All things considered;
  • As a final point;
  • As it was shown;
  • Basically;
  • Considering the following;
  • Eventually;
  • For the most part;
  • For these reasons;
  • From this time forth;
  • I agree that;
  • I hope you;
  • I hope you can now learn that;
  • I recommend that;
  • In my opinion;
  • In the final analysis;
  • In the future;
  • Last but not least;
  • Now you know why;
  • So, coming to the assumption;
  • The expansive assumption;
  • The revealing presumption is that;
  • The study established;
  • The time has come to;
  • The main hypothesis is that;
  • To review;
  • To wrap it all up;
  • Towards this end;
  • Undeniable;
  • With hindsight.

Wide-Ranging Closing Sentence Illustrations

  • All things considered;
  • As evidence demonstrate;
  • As I already explained;
  • Based on the evidence offered;
  • Do you comprehend that;
  • For that reason;
  • Generally speaking;
  • Henceforth;
  • I am convinced that;
  • It is clear that;
  • It seems clear to me that;
  • It slowdowns that;
  • My final question is;
  • My final thoughts are;
  • My preceding point is;
  • My reflections on;
  • The evidence supports the argument;
  • There must be no doubt that;
  • To concisely review;
  • To finish off.

Extra Closing Sentence Examples for Writers

  • After discussing;
  • As this paper proves;
  • Despite the fact;
  • Even though;
  • I look forward to;
  • I would like to conclude;
  • In the meantime;
  • I believe that;
  • It is my sincere belief that;
  • It is worth re-checking;
  • My assumptions are;
  • My verdict is that;
  • This ultimate idea;
  • That was the hypothesis reached;
  • The connection between;
  • The data indicate that;
  • The research verifies that;
  • The summative end is that;
  • Through this research, we learn that.

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